Submitting a Written Assignment

Submitting a Written Assignment

To submit a written assignment:

  1. Click the desired assignment from your course homepage.
  2. Click “Add submission” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter any desired comments or text in the “Online text” box. Please note: If you plan to type your answer directly into the text box, we highly recommend using a word processing program to type your assignment, before CUTTING and PASTING your answer into the text box. This way, you can save your work as you go along and, if for any reason, you lose your internet connection in the middle of typing your answer, you won't lose all the work you have done up to that point.
  4. To upload a file, use the “File submissions” box to drag and drop your file, or click the add icon to select a file, and then click “Upload this file.”
  5. To save a draft of your work, click “Save changes.”
  6. Your draft can be modified by clicking “Edit submission.”
  7. Once you are ready to submit your final draft for grading, click “Submit assignment.” Please note: you must click “Submit assignment” to allow your instructor access to your submission. Failing to do so may result in a zero for the assignment.
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