Communicating with Your Instructor or Classmates

Communicating with Your Instructor or Classmates

With C4ELink's messaging tool, you can quickly and easily communicate with your instructor and classmates. The messaging tool opens in a fully functional chat window, displaying conversations in real time and allowing you to create messages with the click of  a button. Messages can be sent or viewed using your messaging icon on your menu bar, or via the "Connect" option on your menu bar.

The Messaging Icon

The messaging icon on your course menu bar also allows you to create new messages, view incoming messages, mark all messages as read, or select "See all" to expand to expand the messaging tool.


To send a message using the "Connect" option:

  1. From your course home page, click “Connect.”
  2. Select "Messages" to open an existing conversation, or "Contacts" to select a new contact to message. 
  3. Once you have selected your desired contact, enter your message and click "Send."

Please note: If you are accessing your course via your school's Learning Management System (via Blackboard or Canvas), these options may be unavailable based on your instructor's unique setup.

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