Restricting Access to Course Modules

Restricting Access to Course Modules

Each course module can be adjusted to prevent access unless students meet specific, set criteria.

To restrict access to a module:

  1. From your course home page, enable editing by clicking the green gear menu icon (top right of the screen), and selecting 'Turn editing on.'
  2. To the right of the desired module, click the cogwheel icon.
  3. Click to expand the 'Restrict access' pane, and select 'Add restriction...'
  4. Select from the following restriction types:
    • Activity completion - Set whether students must complete other specific activities before they are granted access to this module.
    • Date - Set opening and closing dates, limiting access to this module beyond these dates.
    • Grade - Set a grade that students must achieve before they can access this module.
    • User profile - Allow a specific student to access this module by setting first name, last name, or email address.
  5. When you have selected your preferred module restrictions, click 'Save changes.' You will now see a 'Not available unless...' message beneath that module's title, indicating that students must meet specific parameters before they are able to access it.
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