Gradebook Setup - Creating a New Graded Category

Creating a New Graded Category

To create a new graded category:

  1. Select 'Gradebook setup' from your gear menu,
  2. Access your gradebook from the menu bar above your course homepage and select 'Gradebook setup' from the dropdown menu on the left. 
  3. Click 'Add category' below your course weights.
  4. Enter a name for your new category.
  5. From the 'Aggregation' dropdown menu, select 'Simple weighted mean of grades.' This is the recommended aggregation type out of the available options as it allows for extra credit to be calculated and the category weight to be adjusted easily.
  6. Click 'Save changes.'
  7. Find the new category, and adjust its weight by entering a value in the 'Weights' column.
  8. Click 'Save changes.'

To move a grade item to a new category:

  1. On the 'Gradebook setup' page, click the arrow icon to the left of the desired grade item's title. Once the page refreshes, boxes will appear to indicate available spaces. 
  2. Click to select an available slot directly underneath your new category. (Please note, folder icons denote weighted categories.) The page will refresh to display your changes and allow you to make any further changes necessary.   
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