Errors During the Registration Process

Errors During the Registration Process

When registering their access codes, students may encounter the following error messages:

  1. 'This access code is already in use.'
    Please be sure the student has purchased a new (not used) code from the campus bookstore or from the Connect for Education online store. If the code is new and they receive this error, their registration may have been accepted. Please have them check their email for their account credentials and try logging into your course.

  2. 'Access code must be 14 characters long" OR "The registration code is invalid for this course.'
    Please be sure the Access Code they are trying to register is for the specific course they are taking. The registration page will only accept codes intended for that specific course. Also, ensure that they  are entering the correct characters. Note that codes may contain the letter “O” and/or the number "0".

  3. 'The registration period for this course has ended' OR 'The registration period for this course has not started yet.'
    This indicates that your course registration has not yet begun, or has already closed.

For any registration-related issues please have students contact Technical Support for further assistance. Please note, the Connect For Education Technical Support team will not be able to permit late registration for a course without written/verbal confirmation from the instructor. If you would like us to allow a student to register, please shoot us an email at:, or give us a call at (703)880-1180, ext. 200 (M-F, 9am-6pm EST).

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