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Completion Progress Block

The completion progress block is a great tool that helps track students' course progress. This block is driven by activity completion settings and uses a color-coded progress bar to indicate whether assignments, forums, quizzes, and exams have been completed. Students will see green boxes for all completed items, while navy boxes represent items not yet completed.


As an instructor, you will only see a sample progress bar on your completion progress block. Clicking 'Overview of students' will display progress bars for all of your students:

From this page, you can also view students' last access to your course, as well as their course progress percentages. Please note: If a new weighted item is added to your course after the completion progress block becomes active, the block must be reconfigured to display this new item.

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To reconfigure the block:

  1. From your course home page, enable editing by clicking the green gear menu icon (top right of the screen), and selecting 'Turn editing on.'
  2. Click the cogwheel icon on the right of the block.
  3. Select 'Configure Completion Progress block.'
  4. In the 'Block settings' pane, select 'Show more...'
  5. In the 'Select activities' menu, hold down the Control key and click to highlight the newly added item.
  6. Once your changes are complete, click 'Save changes.'
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