Posting Comments in Written Assignments (eClipz) - Student Video:

Posting Comments in Written Assignments (eClipz) - Student

Depending on your course, your assignments may feature the eClipz tool (formerly known as Acclaim), which allows you to post time-stamped comments alongside a provided video or audio clip. This allows you to easily comment on specific timings of the excerpt, or post general comments regarding the clip.

If you are having trouble with posting comments for your assignment, please note that we recommend the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. These browsers are the most reliable when it comes to our courses. If you do not have Firefox or Chrome installed on your machine, you can download these browsers from the following sites:


To add comments with eClipz:

  1. From your course homepage, click the assignment you wish to complete.
  2. When you are ready to begin, click "Add Submission" at the bottom of the page (You may need to scroll down.) The page will reload, and you will see a comment box on the right-hand side of the video. This is where you will input your answers.
  3. Click “Play” to start the video or audio excerpt.
  4. Pause at a point when you’d like to record your comment.
  5. Use the Comment Box to the right of the video to enter your comment text.
  6. To display a timestamp with your comment, check "Link comment to current time in video." (To post without a timestamp, uncheck this box.)
  7. Click "Post" to record your comment. (You will need to click "Post" after every individual comment.)
  8. Click "Play" again to continue your excerpt.
  9. Toggle between "Play" and "Pause" to continue posting your comments.
  10. When you've finished commenting, you may address any additional questions in the "Online text" box.
  11. Click "Save changes."
  12. If you are ready to submit your assignment for grading, click "Submit assignment." (To edit your assignment further, click "Edit submission.)
  13. On the confirmation page, click "Yes" to continue submitting your assignment.
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