Simple LTI Integration for Moodle

Simple LTI Integration for Moodle

LTI integration provides a seamless, single-sign on course experience, linking your learning management system to the Connect For Education course site. There are different types of LTI integration. Each type provides you with unique benefits, but requires different levels of involvement from the instructor/school and subsequently has an impact on the way the course is supported. It is important that you understand the differences between the types of LTI integration in order to determine which type best suits your course needs and circumstances. At this time, we are offering simple LTI integration for Moodle, and are actively working to offer deep link LTI integration for future semesters!

Simple LTI integration enables you to connect your Connect For Education course to your Moodle learning platform. Students click a link within your Moodle course shell which seamlessly directs them to your course content on the Connect For Education course site: 

Students read the text and complete all coursework within our learning platform, and their grades are recorded in the Connect For Education gradebook. With simple LTI integration, as students complete their coursework, their grade totals will be updated in the Moodle gradebook. If you would like the grades for all coursework to be present in your Moodle gradebook, you do have the option to manually export the gradebook from the Connect For Education course site and import the grades in your Moodle gradebook.

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