Manually Grading Essay Questions

Manually Grading Essay Questions

If your quiz/exam contains essay questions, which must be manually graded and are not automatically graded by the system, you may use the following process: 

  1. Access the quiz/exam you would like to grade.
  2. Click the blue ‘Attempts’ link.
  3. From the Administration block (typically docked to the left of the course), expand the ‘Results’ menu and select ‘Manual Grading.’
  4. The manual grading screen will present you with the number of responses that need grading for each question. The icon to the far left will indicate which questions are essay questions:  

  5. To begin grading, click 'grade all' under the 'Total' column to the right of the question you wish to grade.
  6. From the 'Options' area of the grading page, you may adjust the display to display any number of questions per page and to sort the attempts per your preference.

  7. Students' responses will appear in the blue text boxes. You may enter your instructor feedback in the green 'Comment' text boxes and your marks in the 'Mark' fields:

    Note: The number of available marks can be adjusted from the Admin block> Quiz Admin > 'Edit Quiz' page for this quiz/exam. 
  8. Once you have entered feedback and marks for all question responses on this page, you may click ‘Save and go to next page’ at the bottom of the page to record your changes and repeat this process for all additional responses:
  9. Once you have graded and saved your changes for this question (by clicking the 'Save and go to next page' button), you may use the course breadcrumbs to return to the 'Manual grading' page:
  10. Simply click the 'grade all' option to the right of the next question to continue grading and repeat this process:
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