Disabling the YuJa Verity Proctor

Disabling the YuJa Verity Proctor

If your school requires the use of the YuJa Verity proctoring tool, this tool may prevent the Connect For Education course content and/or course elements (such as the course audio) from fully loading. If you experience any issues with your C4E content loading, you may simply disable or remove the YuJa Verity extension to resolve these issues. YuJa is only required for specific proctored exams (you should receive a Canvas notification when a YuJa-required proctored exam is being taken) and can be removed/reinstalled easily when needed.

Please note: Connect For Education courses do not require the YuJa Verity proctoring tool. 

To turn off or remove the YuJa Verity extension:

  1. Access your Chrome browser's extension menu by clicking the puzzle piece icon in the top right corner (next to the Chrome search bar). 
  2. Locate the 'YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring' extension and click the 3-dots.
  3. Select 'Manage extension.'
  4. Click Remove to remove the extension or slide the switch to the left to turn off the extension.

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