Redeeming a VitalSource Code

Redeeming a VitalSource Code

If you have received a VitalSource code from your campus bookstore, the redemption process required in order to receive your 14-digit Connect For Education access code may vary depending on your school! If you are unsure of the exact process needed to redeem your access code, your bookstore confirmation email and/or receipt often provides helpful information detailing the exact process required by your school. Typically, you may redeem your Connect For Education code through VitalSource using the following methods:

  1. Redeeming Through the VitalSource Bookshelf - If you have received a 20-digit VitalSource code, you will need to redeem this code on the VitalSource site ( by first creating an account on their site. Once you have created an account on the VitalSource site, you will then be able to enter your 20-digit code. Once you have done so, you will receive your 14-digit access code to use for your Connect For Education course registration. Below are helpful resources on redeeming your 20-digit code:
    VitalSource Support Page: How To Redeem A VitalSource Access Code
    Student Flyer I
    - Student Flyer II
  2. Redeeming Through the Yuzu App - If your bookstore is affiliated with Barnes and Noble, you may be required to use the VitalSource ‘Yuzu’ site or mobile app to redeem your access code. For more information on this process, please reference the following Student Flyer:

Once you've received your 14-digit Connect For Education access code, you may proceed with completing the Connect For Education registration process. If you require any assistance with registering your 14-digit Connect For Education code, please reach out to our Support Team at

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