Opting Out of Your Bookstore Access Code

Opting Out of Your Bookstore Access Code

If your school offers inclusive access, in which the access code for your course is included as part of your tuition, please note that 'opting out' of this program may result in your Connect For Education student account being suspended until a new access code has been provided.

Connect For Education receives regular ‘Opt-Out’ reports (indicating who has opted-out from the course text) from the companies that supply course materials to your campus bookstore, including Barnes and Noble, VitalSource, RedShelf and Brytewave. Upon receiving these reports, those users who are listed as having opted-out are then suspended from their course on our end.

If you have opted out from your course and are no longer able to access your Connect For Education student account, please note that you will need to provide the C4E Support Team with a new access code to reinstate your access. You may purchase an access code directly from the C4E Online Store ( and send an email with your student information and new access code to Once we have received your new code, we would be happy to update your account and reinstate your account, with all completed grades intact! 

If you have any questions at all regarding this process, please feel free to reach out to us at and our Support Team would be happy to assist!


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