OnMusic Theory & Musicianship 1 - Reviewing Student Work in Rising Software

OnMusic Theory & Musicianship 1 - Reviewing Student Work in Rising Software

The OnMusic Theory & Musicianship 1 course features Rising Software exercises incorporated within the lessons. These exercises can be distinguished by the following icons:

To Review Student Grades/Results for Rising Software Exercises:

  1. Access any Theory or Musicianship activity to launch the Rising Software activity:

  2. Click ‘Admin’ – Located in the top navigation. This will display the navigation options for this activity:

  3. Select ‘Grading’:

  4. From the Grading dashboard, change the 'Task Status' field to 'Automatically Graded' and click the course name to show all student submissions (please note, some Support accounts may be listed):

  5. To review individual student attempts, select the Eye icon:

  6. From the Results pane on the left, you can view at-a-glance data regarding this individual attempt. This area shows the date submitted/number of attempt, the individual questions and associated points received, as well as the score for each exercise. To view a breakdown of an individual question, select a question from this pane:

    This will load the Task Grading window, which allows you to see a breakdown of the question:

  7. From the top of the Task Grading window, click the arrow button (1) to preview the audio sample heard by students for this question (or select 'Back to list' (2) to return to the list of all attempts):

  8. The 'Grade' field shows whether the student received a point for this question:

  9. The 'Student answer' and 'Question' tabs display the question text shown to students: 

  10. The Feedback tab shows whether the student answered this question correctly:


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