Setting Grading Reminders for Written Assignments

Grading Reminders

With the 'Remind me to grade by' feature, you can set grading reminders to alert you when an assignment's grading deadline is approaching. Once students have submitted this assignment, a grading alert will appear on your 'Upcoming events' block: 

To set a grading reminder: 

  1. From your course home page, click on the assignment you wish to set a grade reminder for.
  2. On the Administration block (typically located on the top-left of your screen), click Assignment administration>'Edit Settings.'
  3. Expand the 'Availability' pane.
  4. Check 'Enable' to the right of 'Remind me to grade by.'
  5. Modify the dates and times as necessary for this setting.
  6. Once your changes are complete, click 'Save and return to course.'



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