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Assignment Grading Overview


Our updated assignment grading allows easy access to student submissions so that you can comment, annotate, and grade, all from a single grading window! With our new assignment grading, you are able to: 

  • Access an uploaded file submission directly from the marking pane. With our updated grading, file submissions no longer have to be downloaded or opened externally.
  • Scribble, stamp, and add lines and shapes to create unique, customizable notes for your students. Once saved, students can access your notes by viewing or downloading annotated PDFs of their submissions. 
  • Highlight and comment on specific portions of text.
  • Save comments you wish to reuse for other submissions (i.e., 'Great job!') by adding them to your Quicklist. 
  • Easily navigate to another student using the 'Change user' dropdown field, or the 'Save and show next' function.

For step-by-step instructions on assignment grading, please see the links below. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about our new assignment grading!

Please note, the updated grading does not apply to the eClipz Commenting Tool (formerly known as Acclaim) assignments. For more information on grading eClipz assignments, please see here

Assignment Grading Tools and Features

A. Student's online text and/or uploaded file will generate in this pane.
B. Allows paging through submission text.
C. Search or hide/display instructor comments.
D. Marking tools for commenting and annotating directly on students' submissions. (Marking tools are listed below.)
E. Submission status, indicates whether an assignment is ready for grading.
F. Grade field for entering grade.
G. Text field for entering feedback comments.
H. Save options.
I. If no changes were made to the submission, the 'Change user' arrows and dropdown can be used to select another student's submission. (When accessing the 'Change use' dropdown, asterisks indicate submissions which require grading.)

Marking Tools

a. Comment box - Add a box in which to enter text. 

b. Comment color - Change the color of your comment box.

c. Hand - Pan up and down the submission window. 

d. Cursor - Select annotations for deletion or hover over a comment box to preview its text.  

e. Scribble - Add freeform notes or sketches.

f. Line - Add a line to underline passages or lines of text.

g. Square shape - Create a square shape to highlight areas of text. 

h. Circle shape - Create a circle shape to highlight areas of text.

i. Highlight - Highlight areas of text for emphasis.

j. Highlight color - Change the color of your highlight tool.

k. Stamp tool - Stamp an image onto the submission.

l. Stamp options - Choose an image for your stamp tool (select from an X icon, a smiley face, a sad face, or a green checkmark).

Deleting Comments or Annotations 

To delete an onscreen comment:

  1. Click the 'Expand/Collapse all comments' (see 'C' above) icon to display all onscreen comments.
  2. On the comment you wish to delete, click the small arrow icon, and select 'Delete comment.'

To delete an onscreen annotation:

  1. Select the cursor icon (see 'd.' above).
  2. Click on the annotation you wish to delete. A trashcan will appear.
  3. Click on the trashcan icon.
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