Easy-to-Access Notifications

 Easy-to-Access Notifications

The instructor menu bar includes notification options to help instructors more efficiently manage assignment and messaging notifications. Located on the far right of the instructor menu bar, these notifications icons allow you to easily view and access any new alerts directly from your menu bar (please note, you may need to refresh to see all new notifications).

Setting Up Notifications 

To ensure you are able to receive notifications, you will need to first setup your notification preferences with the following steps: 

  1. Open your assignment notifications by clicking the bell-shaped icon from your menu bar.
  2. Select the cogwheel icon on the far right to access your notification preferences.
  3. Click to turn on Web notifications under 'Assignment' and 'Forum.'
  4. Click elsewhere in the course to save your notification preferences.

Assignment Notifications


Assignment notifications alert you whenever a student has submitted an assignment or contributed to a discussion forum. Clicking 'View full notification' expands the notification, lists notification details, and provides direct links to students' submissions or forum posts: 

 Deleting Assignment Notifications

  1. Click the bell icon from your menu bar.
  2. Click 'View full notification' on a notification you wish to delete. 
  3. Click the orange X icon on the far right of the notification screen.
  4. Click 'Delete' on the confirmation screen. 
  5. Repeat as necessary for any remaining notifications. 

Messaging Notifications

From the messaging icon, you can create new messages, view incoming messages from students, and mark all messages as read. Selecting 'See all' displays all of your messages and course contacts, and allows you to create new outgoing messages:

 Deleting Messaging Notifications

  1. Click the messaging icon from your menu bar.
  2. Click a specific conversation, or 'See all.'
  3. Select the conversation you wish to delete, and click 'Edit.'
  4. To delete selected messages only, click to select specific messages and then click 'Delete selected messages.'
  5. To delete the entire conversation thread, click 'Delete all.'
  6. Repeat as necessary for any remaining conversations/messages.
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