Your Course Dashboard

Your Course Dashboard

The course dashboard is a helpful hub that allows you easy access to all of your courses and alerts you when courses have assignments that require your attention. If you are enrolled in multiple courses, you can easily mark selected courses as "Favorites" to streamline your dashboard. The dashboard can also be suppressed, allowing you to completely bypass the dash and instead be taken to your last active course.

Adding Courses to Your Favorites List:

  1. To add a course to your "Favorites" list, click the star icon to the left of the course title.
  2. To add another course, click on the "Courses" tab and star another course you'd like to see on your dashboard. Upon logging into the course site, all favorited courses will display on your dashboard.

Suppressing your dashboard: 

  1. Log in to your course.
  2. Check the box to the left of “Don’t Display Dashboard Upon Login.” Once this setting has been enabled, you will no longer see your dashboard after logging in.
  3. To undo this change:
    • Click “My Dashboard” from your course menu bar.
    • Uncheck the box next to “Don’t Display Dashboard Upon Login.” This will allow you to view your dashboard when you log in to your course.

Please note: If you are accessing your course via your school's Learning Management System (via Blackboard or Canvas), your dashboard options may be limited based on your instructor's unique setup.

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