Grading Written Assignments From the Gradebook Video:

Please note, this article does not apply to eClipz Commenting Tool (formerly known as Acclaim) assignments. For more information on grading eClipz assignments, please see here

Grading Written Assignments from the Gradebook

  1. Access your gradebook from the menu bar above your course home page. This will load the standard gradebook report, which displays all student submissions that require grading.
  2. To begin grading, click 'Grade me' in the 'Needs Grading' column next to a student’s name, or select the checklist icon to the left of the 'Needs Grading' column. This will display all of this student’s grades and submissions.
  3. Click the orange pencil icon to access this student's ungraded assignment submission.
  4. The left-hand pane of the grading screen will load the student’s online text and/or uploaded files. Use the navigational arrows on the top left-side to page through the online text or uploaded file for this student. (Online text and uploaded files can also be accessed from the right-hand panel.)
  5. Use the marking tools to annotate, enter comments directly on the submission, or highlight portions of the submission. (For more information on marking tools, please see here.)
  6. Enter a grade in the 'Grade out of 100' field.
  7. Enter any general comments in the 'Feedback comments' field. (To reset the 'Feedback comments' and 'Grade out of 100' fields and enter new text, simply click 'Reset' from the bottom of the page.)
  8. To allow this student another attempt, set 'Allow another attempt' to 'Yes' in the 'Attempt settings' pane (bottom right).
  9. When you are ready to save your changes, click 'Save changes.'
  10. Once you have saved your changes, you can:
    • Use the 'Return to Gradebook' link (top-right corner) to return to this student's User report/gradebook.
    • Click the assignment or class title links (far-left corner) to return to the assignment or course homepage.
    • Use the 'Change user' dropdown to select another student whose submission needs grading (as noted with a red asterisk).
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