Gradebook Setup - Excluding Grades for Individual Students

Gradebook Setup - Excluding Grades for Individual Students

On the Gradebook's 'Single View' page, you can exclude grade items from the grade calculations for particular activities. This can be used to excuse a student from a graded activity, or to show students a grade for an activity such as a practice Quiz that will not count towards their final grade. If the grade is excluded, it will not be part of the aggregation calculation that you have selected for the category. It will also be excluded from any 'drop the lowest' category settings you have established. A grade item that is excluded from a category calculation is also excluded from the Course Total.

To exclude a grade item:

  1. Access your gradebook.
  2. From the dropdown menu on the left, select 'Single View.'
  3. Select a student OR a grade item. 
  4. In the 'Exclude from totals' column (at right), select check boxes to exclude grades from being calculated in Category (and Course) totals. To exclude all items, click All.
  5. Click 'Save' to save grade changes. A confirmation message will appear. Click 'Continue' to refresh the Single View grading page.
  6. When you return to the Grader report, excluded grades will be marked as 'Excluded.'
  7. To clear exclusions, return to the Single View grading page, uncheck the item(s), and click Save.


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