Setting Multiple Quiz Overrides for Individual Students

Setting Multiple Quiz Overrides for Individual Students

The 'Set Multiple Quiz Overrides' is a time-saving feature that allows you to easily modify quiz settings—such as quiz deadlines, time limits, and/or attempts allowed—for multiple quizzes for a single student at one time. From the 'Set Multiple Quiz Overrides' pane, you can also manage and adjust any existing quiz overrides that have been set through the quiz overrides page.

To use the 'Setting Multiple Quiz Overrides' feature: 

  1. From your Instructor Tools menu, access the 'Set Multiple Quiz Overrides' option. From this page, you will be able to create new overrides and view/modify any existing ones. 
  2. To create a new user override, select 'Add new override.'
  3. Select your desired student from the 'Override user' dropdown menu.
  4. Select up to ten quizzes from the 'Override quiz' dropdown menu. Please note, if an existing override is already in place for one of the selected quizzes, you will see an alert indicating that any new changes will overwrite the existing override. If you do NOT wish to overwrite, simply deselect that quiz (by clicking the X icon to the left of the quiz title) before proceeding with any further selections.
  5. Adjust the open/close dates, time limit, and number of allowed attempts as necessary. Please note, once the end date and time of a quiz has elapsed, all active quiz attempts will automatically close, even for those students who were granted an extended time limit. With this in mind, we recommend avoiding extremely narrow test-taking windows, to ensure students receive adequate time to complete their attempts. 
  6. Once your changes are complete, click 'Save changes.' You will be directed back to the main overrides screen, where your new overrides and override details will be displayed.  
  7. To filter existing user overrides, use the 'Select quiz' and/or 'Select user' filters at the top of the page, or search for a specific quiz/user using the 'Search' field.
  8. To modify an existing user override, click the cogwheel icon in the 'Action' column to the far right of the override you wish to modify.  
  9. To delete an existing user override, click the X icon in the 'Action' column to the far right of the override you wish to delete. Multiple overrides can be deleted by checking the check boxes to the left of each desired override and clicking the green 'Delete' button (checking 'Select all' will select/delete ALL overrides).

Please note, if overridden grades have been entered for the quizzes you are setting the above overrides for, it must be removed before students can reattempt them. Otherwise, the gradebook will continue to display the locked overridden grades.


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