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Simple LTI Integration for Canvas

Connect For Education currently offers simple LTI integration between a school's Canvas LMS and our C4Elink learning platform. This LTI integration offers students the ability to access our course text via single sign-on. They will not need separate log in credentials for our course site. Students will purchase their codes as they normally would, but they will NOT need to visit the Connect For Education Student registration page to register their code. Instead, students will simply need to log into your Canvas system (using their Canvas log in credentials) and access their course. The Canvas course will be set up to contain a link to our course text. Upon clicking this link for the first time, students will be prompted to enter the access code they purchased to gain access to the course text. (This process will only need to be done when the course is accessed the first time.)

Students will read the text and complete all coursework within our learning platform and their grades will be recorded in the Connect For Education course gradebook. As students complete their coursework in the course, their grade totals will be updated in the Canvas gradebook. Individual quiz/exam/assignment grades can be exported from the Connect For Education platform, if you wish to upload them or manually enter them into your Canvas gradebook. Connect For Education is actively working on deeper LTI integration which will allow grades for all of the individual coursework items to be passed back to your Canvas gradebook. We do not currently have a definite release date for this functionality, but it is currently in progress. We will certainly notify our customers when this functionality is available.

Interested in an LTI Integration?

If you are interested in requesting an LTI course for an upcoming semester, please notate this in the comment area when submitting your course setup request form to us. Additionally, it is important to understand that the LTI process will require a small amount of work on your part. With the assistance of your Canvas administrative team, you will need to follow a few simple steps to set up an 'App' within your Canvas course and then a corresponding external assignment link on your course modules page which will allow students to easily access the Connect For Education course via single sign-on. The Connect For Education Support Team will provide you with detailed instructions which will guide you through this process. If you have any questions about this process or would like additional details about our LTI option, certainly let us know!

To determine whether simple or deep link LTI integration is right for you, please review our article here

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