Getting to Know C4Elink Simple LTI Integration for Blackboard - Instructor Tutorial Video:

Created with new users in mind, Getting to Know C4Elink is a video tutorial intended to orient you to our newest platform, C4Elink! The video above has been tailored for those instructors utilizing a simple LTI integration, which connects the Connect For Education course site with your school's Blackboard system. This video provides you with a thorough overview of your course features, as well as some of the common tasks performed throughout the semester.

Please note, the above video presents Simple LTI integration in both the Canvas and Blackboard learning management systems. The video covers Blackboard integration first followed by Canvas integration to help highlight the similarities in the approach and illustrate how the C4E course content appears in each platform. 

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To discover more information about commonly-asked questions, please explore our Connect For Education Helpdesk here. If you require further assistance, please contact the Connect For Education Support Team at or by phone at (703)880-1180, ext. 200 (M-F, 9am-6pm EST).

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