Written Assignments - Submitting a Draft for Grading

Submitting a Draft for Grading

Assignment submission statuses are helpful indicators that show whether a submission has been submitted for grading, is in draft status, or has not been submitted: 


When submissions are left in 'Draft (not submitted)' status, this means that students did not click the 'Submit assignment' button to finalize their submissions: 


While drafts can absolutely be graded, if you are filtering to see only those submissions requiring grading, you may miss those still in draft status. As an instructor, you now have the ability to submit drafts for grading. Note: if you are uncertain whether a student's submission is ready for grading, it may be a good idea to check in with the student before following these steps to submit their draft for grading.

To submit a draft for grading: 

  1. Access the assignment you would like to grade from your course home page.
  2. Select 'View all submissions' to see the assignment submissions table.
  3. Locate the draft you wish to submit. In the 'Edit' column, click 'Edit'>'Submit for grading':mceclip2.png

    The page will refresh and update this submission to 'Submitted for grading':


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