Important Factors to Consider When Transitioning to LTI

Important Factors to Consider When Transitioning to LTI

LTI integration refers to courses that have been specially configured to allow you to link your learning management system to the Connect For Education course site, providing grade syncing and a seamless, single-sign on course experience for students. To learn more about LTI integration, please review our following FAQ articles: 

If you are transitioning to an LTI course to integrate with your school's Canvas, Blackboard, or D2L Brightspace learning management system, below are some important factors to consider:

  • With LTI integration, students will no longer register their access codes on the Connect for Education Registration page. Instead, once they purchase their access codes, they will access your Canvas/Blackboard/D2L course shell and click the link for the C4E course. The first time they click the course link, they will be prompted to enter an access code to unlock the course content. Once the content has been unlocked, students will be able to access the course and coursework directly each time they click the course link. We have this process outlined in our helpful C4E Student Guide, which is provided in your Course Confirmation email (and also linked below). To help ensure students understand this process, please be sure to distribute the updated C4E Student Guide for LTI courses to guide them through the course registration/access process. We definitely encourage you to provide this guide to students at the start of the semester to minimize any questions or problems related to the course access process.

  • With LTI integration, your Connect For Education course will no longer display course ‘blocks’ on the right side of the home page. This is to maximize the display area for the C4E course content/coursework and to reinforce that the Canvas/Blackboard/D2L  platform is where students should reference important announcements. This will mean that any information typically included in your Course Announcements, Course Information, and Instructor Information blocks will need to be created within your Canvas/Blackboard/D2L course shell (typically, this can be done within the Announcements area of the Canvas/Blackboard/D2L course shell). 

  • With LTI integration, you and your students will be relying on the Canvas/Blackboard/D2L Brightspace messaging tools for communication during the course. The messaging features within your C4E LTI course will be disabled so that communication only happens in your school’s learning management system.  

  • With LTI integration, the 'Student Preview' function in Canvas/Blackboard/D2L Brightspace will not function correctly. If you would like to test the LTI integration as a student and view the course as a student sees it, the student preview function in Canvas/Blackboard/D2L will unfortunately not work correctly. Instead, you will need to have your Canvas/Blackboard/D2L team add a true test student account to your course shell in Canvas/Blackboard/D2L. This will allow you to log onto the Canvas/Blackboard/D2L site as a student, and access the course as a student would. The first time you access the course as a student, you will be prompted to enter an access code to unlock the course content. If you would like a code to unlock the content for testing, please contact the Connect For Education support team and we can provide one to you.

Below are several LTI resources for students and instructors so that you can learn more about the new processes involved with this type of integration:

Student Resources:

If your students have any questions regarding the Access Code purchase/registration process or the course access process, please provide them with the C4E Student Guide appropriate for your learning management system:

In addition to the Student Guide, our student registration tutorial video is another helpful tool in walking students through the course access process:

For helpful FAQ articles on many common processes, students may also reference our Student Help Center.


Instructor Resources:

If you have any questions as you review your course or experiment with the learning platform, please feel free to reach out via email to, or by phone at (703)880-1180, ext. 200. Additionally, the following helpful resources are also available to you:

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