Introducing Simple LTI Integration for D2L!

Introducing Simple LTI Integration for D2L!

LTI integration provides a seamless, single-sign on course experience, linking your learning management system to the Connect For Education course site. There are different types of LTI integration, each providing you with unique benefits (but requiring different levels of involvement from the instructor/school). At this time, we are happy to offer Simple LTI integration for D2L, with Deep Link integration to be released for the Fall 2021 semester! This article will help you understand the primary elements of Simple LTI integration to help determine whether this option may be right for you. 

Simple LTI integration enables you to connect your Connect For Education course to your D2L learning platform. Students click a link within your D2L course shell which seamlessly directs them to your course content on the Connect For Education course site: 


Students read the text and complete all coursework within our learning platform, and their grades are recorded in the Connect For Education gradebook. With simple LTI integration, as students complete their coursework, their grade totals will be updated in the D2L gradebook. If you would like the grades for all coursework to be present in your D2L gradebook, you do have the option to manually export the gradebook from the Connect For Education course site and import the grades in your D2L gradebook.


Things to Consider When Determining What Option is Best for You

Connect For Education Support

It is important to remember that your school's D2L system is a closed environment. With this in mind, the Connect For Education Support Team will be happy to help should any issues arise, but we may require the assistance of your school's D2L admin. This is especially true for Deep Link LTI integration (available Fall 2021). With the Deep Link LTI integration process being more involved and complex, the need for Connect For Education support assistance may be greater than with Simple integration. This can sometimes present challenges as a result of our inability to access your D2L course directly. The Connect For Education Support Team would likely be able to offer more hands on assistance with Simple LTI integration- as the course is completely maintained on the Connect For Education course site. With Deep Link integration, more of the course components exist in part on the D2L side. If you elect to use the Deep Link LTI integration for the Fall semester, it is important to understand that you may need to perform some of the common processes typically handled by the Connect For Education Support Team (adjusting settings, deadlines, etc.).

Course Customizations and Maintenance 

  • If you are teaching multiple courses, each course will require a unique Key/Secret and URL. This Key/Secret and URL cannot be shared among multiple courses.
  • The process of submitting a course setup request and creating the LTI link will need to be repeated in advance of every semester you teach.
  • Course links will need to be updated from semester-to-semester and cannot be reused or copied over from the previous semester. It is very important to keep this in mind when copying your D2L course from one semester to the next.

What To Do If You Are Interested in LTI Integration

If you are interested in utilizing our Simple LTI integration for D2L, we recommend submitting your course setup requests to us well in advance to ensure the course and course link will be ready in time. To ensure we have all necessary information required for a course build, we ask that instructors submit their course setup forms to us each semester they teach. The Course Setup Request form can be found here. Simply notate in the 'Notes' section that you would like Simple LTI integration for D2L.

If you need assistance with your login credentials, or if you would like to confirm whether your form submitted successfully, simply email us at

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