Importing Grades Into C4Elink Using 'CSV File' Option

Importing Grades Into C4Elink Using 'CSV File' Option

If needing to import any externally recorded grades (via an Excel spreadsheet), you may use the below process. When importing, it is important to mirror students' names, email addresses, and assignment names exactly as they are in C4ELink. Any discrepancies may create conflict during the import process. Imported grades will appear as overridden grades.

Please also remember to first export existing grades from the C4ELink gradebook as backup.

Backing Up Grades from C4Elink:

  1. Access the course gradebook.
  2. From the dropdown menu options, select 'Export' > 'Excel spreadsheet.'
  3. Leave all items checked.
  4. Click 'Export.'

Preparing New Grades for Import:

The .csv file that you import into C4ELink must meet very specific formatting requirements for import into our Moodle-based platform. Please note that students' names/email addresses, and assignment titles must be identical to those in C4ELink. Please note, it might be helpful to first export grades from the existing C4ELink course (remembering to save it as a .csv file) to obtain the correct formatting.

The required columns and order are as follows:

  • First Name - Must match user's first name in C4ELink.
  • Last Name - Must match user's last name in C4ELink.
  • ID number - This column can be left blank, but the column heading must be present.
  • Institution - This column can be left blank, but the column heading must be present.
  • Department - This column can be left blank, but the column heading must be present.
  • Email address - This column will be used to map users.
  • Assignments - You will need a new column for each assignment you wish to import. The title must be identical to the titles in C4ELink.

To prepare your .csv spreadsheet for importing, you will need to do the following:

  1. Confirm that all required columns are present and in the correct order.
  2. Verify that all user names, email addresses, and assignment titles are identical to those in C4ELink.
  3. Verify that grades to be imported do not exceed assignments' max grades.
  4. Remove any blank or unnecessary columns as needed, depending on which assignments you need to import grades for. For example, if you are only importing grades for a specific quiz or assignment, you may remove all other assignment columns.
  5. Remove any category or course totals.

The finalized .csv file should look similar to the following sample:

Importing Your Modified .CSV File Into C4Elink: 

  1. Access the Gradebook.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select 'CSV file' under the 'Import' options.
  3. Drag and drop your modified .csv file.
  4. Ensure the 'Comma' radial is selected.
  5. Click 'Upload grades.'
  6. Review the 'Import preview' and confirm all data is displaying correctly.
  7. In the 'Identify user by' pane, set both 'Map from' and 'Map to' fields to email. This will match-up and identify users based on their email addresses.
  8. Below 'Grade item mappings,' map each assignment with its corresponding assignment item in C4ELink:
  9. Click 'Upload grades.' You should see a green 'Grade import success' message. If you receive an error, you will need to review all data entered and ensure it matches the existing information in C4ELink.


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