Registering/Accessing Your Course via Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, or Moodle Video:

LTI courses are those courses that have been configured to be accessed directly from your school's LMS, such as Canvas, Blackboard, or D2L Brightspace. If you are enrolled in a LTI course, you simply need to access the link to the course text within your Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, or Moodle course shell. The first time you access the text, you will be prompted to enter your access code to 'unlock' your course content. Once this process is complete, you should be able to view the course and begin your work.

To review the exact steps needed for your school's LMS, please reference the appropriate Student Guides and video tutorials below!

*Please note, there may be some slight differences in the course site interface shown in video tutorials, but the featured processes remain the same.

Accessing Your LTI Course Through Canvas

Accessing Your LTI Course Through Blackboard

Accessing Your LTI Course Through D2L Brightspace

Accessing Your LTI Course Through Moodle

Browser Cookies

If you are accessing your course through your school's LMS, you will need to be sure cookies are enabled on your browser. This will ensure that the connection to the course works properly. For step-by-step instructions on enabling your browser cookies, please see here. If cookies are not enabled, you may be prompted to enter login credentials as below:


Once you have enabled your browser cookies, please clear your cache and restart your browser before reattempting to access your course.

Please also note that we typically suggest the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. Firefox and Chrome tend to be the most reliable when it comes to our courses. If you do not have Firefox or Chrome installed on your machine, you can download these browsers from the following sites:



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