Using eClipz in Your Course

Using eClipz in Your Course

eClipz is an online collaboration tool that facilitates constructive discussions and feedback around video content. Instructors and students have the ability to upload and share video, audio, and other file content with their peers for time stamped commenting. Some instructors choose to incorporate eClipz into their written assignments to offer students the ability to upload videos for sharing and collaborating with their instructor and/or classmates.  

To learn more about using eClipz as a teacher and a student, please see below for our helpful video tutorial, as well as our Set Up Guide and Video Upload Guide instructions! If you are interested in incorporating eClipz into your course, please contact our Technical Support Team at



eClipz Video Tool - Set Up Guide
1. Create a Folder (if you have not done so already).
2. Hit the "Create Folder" button.
3. Name your folder Last Name, First Name.
4. Share the Folder. 
5. Click the "Edit Access" button. Then click the "Add People" button. Enter an email address.
6. Be sure to check all the boxes under "Allow them to:"


Video Upload Guide - Step-by-Step
1. Create the video on your phone, digital camera, or webcam.
2. Import the video to your computer. This process varies by device.
3. Locate the file and rename according to your assignment instructions.
4. Come back here (or to any eClipz page in the course). Click on "Add file" and then "Upload a video".
5. Locate the video file. Click "Upload." eClipz will then upload and encode your video.
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