Navigating the C4E Instructor Portal


Navigating the C4E Instructor Portal

The C4E Instructor Portal was designed with ease of access in mind! Our goal was to bring together many common instructor processes into one dedicated hub. From within the new Portal, you can easily:


  1. Check the statuses of your previous course setup requests and submit new course requests
  2. View all your approved course review requests and submit new review requests
  3. Modify your personal information
  4. Access the Instructor Help Center

Please Note: This new Portal is a standalone site that only allows you to complete the tasks discussed above. If you are attempting to access a course you are actively teaching, this new Portal does NOT affect your typical login processes to our course sites ( and Additionally, this new Instructor Portal does not impact students at all. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at!

Getting Started

If you are accessing the Portal for the first time, you will need to obtain your login credentials for this portal, as your login may be different than what you've used in the past. Obtaining your credentials once the site has launched will ensure your account is ready when you need to submit your next course build or review request. We recommend bookmarking the URL for the C4E Instructor Portal once it is available and obtaining your login credentials by selecting ‘Request Login Credentials’ under the ‘New To This Portal?’ option: 


Upon clicking the 'Request Login Credentials' button, you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your instructor account. You will then be sent an email containing your username and a link to reset your password!


My Course Setup Requests

Once you have obtained your login credentials and have signed into the C4E Instructor Portal, you can use the 'My Course Setup Requests' area to easily check the statuses of your previous course setup requests and determine whether your course builds have been received, if they are currently in progress, if they have been completed, or whether instructor feedback is requested:


Use the 'Add New Request' button to access the new and improved Course Setup Form, which now allows you to: 

  • Request LTI Integration and specify the LTI Integration type:



  • Indicate if you would like calendar dates be assigned to your course modules:


  • Easily format notes or requests regarding your course in the 'Notes' area:


  • Easily attach files to your request, such as your course syllabus, course setup notes or any other course documents you'd like added to your course:



My Course Review Requests

This area of the Portal is a one-stop shop for your course review requests! You can check the status of your review requests by referencing the 'Status' column, or click 'Review' to the right of any approved request to access that review course:


To submit a new review request and gain reviewer access to an additional course title, click 'Add New Request' to complete the review request form.


My Profile

Use this area of the C4E Instructor Portal to modify your first and last name, phone number, time zone, or update your password:



Help Center

The 'Help Center' option allows you to quickly access the C4E Instructor Help Center with just the click of a button:


If you have any questions or concerns as you get oriented with our new Instructor Portal, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at! 


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