Your Course Blocks

Your Course Blocks

The Blocks panel, located on the right of your course home page, contains informational blocks intended to offer you and your students more insight into your course. For easier access, frequently-used blocks can be docked to the left side of the screen so that it is available from any page within your course.

  • To dock, click the left-facing arrow icon on the desired block:
    This will move the block to the left of your course.
  • To undock a docked block, hover over the block and click the right-facing arrow icon:
    This will move the block back to the right of your course.

Your course is built with the following standard blocks:

  1. Instructor Announcements - Allows you to view and create announcements.
  2. Course Information - Provides a short description of your course. This block can be edited to include any other information you would like to provide.
  3. Instructor Information - Displays your name and email address. This block can also be edited to include any other information you would like to provide.
  4. Technical Support - Provides the C4E Technical Support team's contact information and announcements.
  5. Upcoming Events - Displays all course items with upcoming due dates.
  6. Completion Progress - Allows you to track student progress. 
  7. Administration - Allows you to perform such administrative tasks as:
    • enabling editing
    • accessing assignment/quiz settings
    • viewing enrolled students
    • accessing your gradebook
    • modifying your quiz pools

    Please note, the Administration block is typically docked to the left of your screen, and offers different options depending on which course item you click from.

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