Your Course Menu Bar

Your Course Menu Bar

Your course menu bar allows you to easily access commonly-used tools from any page within your course. The following items appear in your menu bar:

  1. Home button - Redirects to your home screen
  2. My courses - Lists and links to all of your courses
  3. Gradebook - Provides quick access to your gradebook
  4. Instructor Tools - Allows you to:
    • export grades
    • view your roster
    • access your bookmarked annotations
    • drop students
    • change registration dates and assignment deadlines
    • access your quiz pools
  5. Connect - Allows you to view your class profiles, and to communicate with students.
  6. Discussions - Displays all class discussion forums
  7. My Dashboard - Redirects to your course dashboard
  8. Assignment and Messaging Notifications - Allows you to track notifications related to assignment updates and new messages.
  9. Search courses - Allows you to search for a specific course
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