Modifying Quizzes Overview

Modifying Quizzes Overview

All existing quizzes in your course are attached to standard questionpools with template questions. To make changes to questions in existing questionpools, you will first need to create custom pools. This will allow you to:

  • Modify the text of template questions (which cannot be modified directly and must be duplicated first)
  • Exclude template questions you don't want students to see
  • Create new questions from scratch

Please note, once a quiz has been attempted, its pool can no longer be modified.

To modify questions in an existing questionpool:

  1. Build a custom questionpool.
  2. Populate your custom questionpool by:
    1. Adding/modifying template quiz questions.
    2. Creating new questions from scratch.
  3. Attach your custom questionpool.


You may also edit default quiz settings.

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