Creating a New Discussion Forum

Creating a New Discussion Forum

To Create a New Discussion Forum:

  1. From your course home page, enable editing by clicking the green gear menu icon (top right of the screen), and selecting 'Turn editing on.'
  2. In the desired module, click '+ Add an activity or resource.'
  3. Select 'Forum' and click 'Add.'
  4. Enter a title for your forum in the 'Forum name' field.
  5. Enter your discussion text in the 'Description' field.
  6. Select your forum type.
  7. In the 'Subscription and tracking' panel, select your subscription mode. To ensure you receive forum-related notifications, please ensure that you are setting your forum preferences accordingly. 
  8. To lock your forums after a specific period, set a time frame in the 'Discussion locking' pane.
  9. If this is a graded item:
    • In the 'Grade' panel, select a grade category for this forum. (To create a new grade category, see here.)
    • In the 'Ratings' panel, select an aggregate type.
    • In the 'Ratings' panel, set the Scale type to point, and enter the maximum amount of points for this forum.
  10. To set a deadline:
    • Click to expand the 'Restrict access' panel.
    • Select 'Add restriction.'
    • Click 'Date.'
    • Adjust the 'From' date to set when this forum will become available to students.
    • To add an end date, select 'Add restriction' again.
    • Click 'Date.'
    • From the date dropdown menu, select 'until' and adjust the date as desired.
  11. Adjust any necessary settings in the 'Activity completion' panel (see: Activity Completion Tracking).
  12. Once your changes are complete, click 'Save and return to course.'


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