Understanding Gradebook Views

Understanding Gradebook Views

The C4ELink gradebook offers a variety of views and reports to help with all of your grading needs. Listed below are the gradebook views you may find most helpful as you navigate your gradebook. 

The Gradebook View: 


Our default gradebook view, this concise report provides an at-a-glance look at the number of graded items your students have completed, as well as their current averages, letter grades, and final grades (which only appear after all coursework items have been graded/finalized). This view also displays helpful 'Grade Me' grading alerts whenever assignment submissions are available for grading. 

The User Report:


The User Report is commonly used to see a detailed report of an individual student’s gradebook, as well as to access items that may require grading (as denoted with the orange pencil icon above). To learn more about the User Report, please see our help article here.

The Single View:


The Single view filters by individual assignment or student, and is ideal for making grade changes for specific students or assignments at a time. The Single View is most commonly used for entering zeros via grade overrides or to finalize grades at the end of the semester

Gradebook Setup:


The Gradebook Setup page breaks down your course weights and grade categories, allowing you to define each category's weights and perform such functions as adjusting your grade categories, setting grade curves, and dropping lowest grades.

View/Edit Letter Grades:


The View Letter Grades screen allows you to see your course's defined letter grades and their corresponding percentages. The Edit Letter Grades screen allows you to easily adjust your default letter grades. For more information on viewing or adjusting your default letter grades, please see our help article here.

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